Collection: The Faith Sycaoyao Collection

Meet the Artist - Faith Sycaoyao

Introducing the artist Faith Sycaoyao, also known by her media handle NCLS. A brilliant 19-year-old woman who grew up in Southeast Asian and Arab cultural nations, currently a US resident, and majors in Economics and Business Administration. She's one of the pioneers in her category as the only Filipino artist and the current youngest in her featured publications in MENA and Europe, acquiring significance for her elegant hybrid approach to art, which merges reality and conventional elements with digital tools to produce surreal sculpted-looking 2D compositions.

She's entirely self-taught and adept in a variety of creative methods, namely acrylic painting, graphite art, cross-hatching, chalkboard art, pointillism, still-life works, air-dry clay sculpting, and much more for her audiences to learn in the years to come, given her young age. As a Content Creator, she garnered support from various social media outlets and her platforms, with a combined following of 60,000 and millions of impressions in more than 30 nations. She has received art interviews in significant places like Dubai, Ukraine, and Barcelona and a debut exhibit in London at 18. In addition, her artistic productions and biography were recently officially released alongside those of the top global emerging artists in the Collectors' Art Book "A Like Artist," which will be available in leading European art fairs like ArtsLibris Barcelona, ARCOmadrid in Spain and ARCOlisboa in Portugal.

Her commitment also spans social work for economic ideals, which includes empowering children, enabling education, alleviating poverty, and promoting sustainability. Faith stands as a part of the executive team as the Deputy Graphics Director for Climate Cardinals, the world's largest youth-led climate advocacy organization, where over 10,000 volunteers from 80+ countries contribute. She also serves as a Marketing Director for a California-based nonprofit with a nationwide reach, where she co-administers a media page with nearly 30,000 followers and 20 million impressions and delivers creative outputs to pediatric patients in top US medical centers. Under the team NCLS Foundation, she has also donated over 4,000 artistic pieces, raising five-figure sums for leading humanitarian relief groups through the Bezos Family Foundation's Students Rebuild program in Seattle.

Thereby, Faith's career and global influence earned her the Critic's Spotlight recognition from the famed art critic Anthony Fawcett from the University of Oxford, former personal curator to The Beatles' John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and inventor of the UK's most extensive artist prize as published by a gallery in London, England.