MagSafe Hardshell Dual Layer Recyclable Cases

CLASPP Extra Protection MagSafe phone cases are designed for the vibrant, tech-savvy people of today and come equipped with a dual-layer safeguard, compatible with MagSafe wireless charging for multiple iPhone models. The sturdy outer hardshell is crafted from impact-resistant polycarbonate, ensuring your phone stays shielded from everyday bumps and scratches. On the inside, a shock-absorbing TPU liner hugs your phone snugly, delivering that extra layer of protection against accidental drops. This construction does not rely on any adhesives to hold the magnetic ring in place allowing for efficient recycling. Our MagSafe cases also feature transparent, accessible ports for your convenience.

With CLASPP, you can trust that your phone remains secure and stylish wherever life takes you. Plus, we're committed to sustainability with our end-to-end recycling program, ensuring responsible disposal of your old cases.