Case Creations Art Contest 2023

CLASPP Announces CASE CREATIONS Our Annual Art Contest!

Three winners will be chosen from all submitted art on December 16th 20203. All three winners will be provided with a CLASPP phone case with their design!

  1. First Place: $100 cash prize and CLASPP merch
  2. Second Place: $50 cash prize and CLASPP merch
  3. Third Place: $40 cash prize
  4. Teachers with the most submissions receive a $250 donation




  1. Anyone, within the US is eligible to participate in the contest. Children under 18 years of age need the consent of their parents or guardians to participate.
  2. Both digital AND traditional artwork are accepted. For traditional artwork, please scan the artwork (and ensure good lighting/quality) before submitting. 
  3. Please upload all submissions in either a JPEG, PNG, or PDF file format. 
  4. If you are drawing or painting by hand, use 8 1/2 x 11 inches white printer paper and the size of the artwork must be at least 5 x 8 inches.
  5. All designs are encouraged and accepted EXCEPT for designs containing ANY profanities, discrimination of any kind, or any inappropriate drawings
  6. Teachers (if you are submitting for the entire class) email your submissions to
  7. There is NO fee of any kind to submit, so have fun with it!
  8. Only one design per person will be accepted for entry in the competition.
  9. All designs submitted will become the property of CLASPP and by submitting you agree to the above terms.




    Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your artwork!

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